Eat Smart With Healthy Food Swaps

The easiest way to lose weight and improve your overall health is to make simple, healthy food swaps. You’ll still feel full and the way you eat will hardly change, but because you’ve made the conscious effort to switch fatty, processed foods for healthy, low calorie, low fat foods, you’ll soon see the weight drop off. Read on for some super simple healthy food swaps that you can start building into your diet today. 

Full Fat for Half Fat or No Fat

It’s probably the most obvious swap you could make, but switching full fat food products such as whole milk, full fat yogurt, butter, oil and mayonnaise for half fat or no fat food products will save you tons of fat and calories each and every day. Low-fat mayonnaise, for example, has 15 calories per tablespoon compared to 90 calories for full fat. You can use these lower fat swaps in each area of your diet, too. Use skim milk in milkshakes and smoothies, low fat mayo in potato salads, half fat butter on your sandwiches – the list is really endless.

White for Brown

One of the easiest rules to remember is to switch white foods for brown foods. That goes for bread, rice, pasta, rolls, cereals – anything that is made with white, plain flour should be swapped for something that is made with brown, wholewheat flour. Brown products tend to have fewer calories and less fat, but they are also packed with fiber. The higher fiber content means that wholewheat products are much more filling than white products, but they will also keep your blood sugar level stable and steady throughout the day, which should help curb overeating.

Fruit for Vegetables

Fruit is good for you, and if you’ve always eaten fruit, good on you and keep going! However, if you’re new to the concept of eating your fruits and vegetables, it’s a really good idea that you eat more vegetables than fruit. Why? Fruit is full of sugar and has more calories than vegetables and because it is so sugary, it can play havoc with your blood sugar levels. Although it’s much better to reach for fruit than it is for you to reach for chocolate bars or cookies, if you’re eating 10 portions a day, you’ll still be taking in lots of calories. Swap some of those fruit portions for fresh crunchy veggies; you’ll save a ton of calories and you’ll also be taking in lots and lots of nutrients.

Processed Food for Fresh

It sounds obvious, but the amount of people who continue to eat processed microwave meals instead of making their own meals from scratch is still huge. The only way to get the vitamins and nutrients you need is to prepare meals using fresh ingredients. Even with preparation time, preparing and cooking your own meals will only take about an hour out of your day and if you practice batch cooking, you’ll shave even more time off and you’ll have several portions of delicious home-cooked food to see you through the week.

Eating healthy foods and cooking with healthy cookware, such as silicone baking mats and nonstick frying pans, will help you lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle that you can stick to for good.


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